Latex Knowledge

What is a latex

Latex…The Origin

Natural Latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants (Havea brasiliensis) which are grown in tropical climate plantations. Most are located in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. Harvesting the liquid latex is similar to tapping trees for maple syrup. The trees are not harmed, providing a
sustainable resource.

The natural benefit

A precious gift from Mother Nature, created from the rich elements of nature, 100% natural latex products provide a luxurious feel unequaled by any other mattresses. Only creamy, clean natural latex derived from one of earth’s best natural resources provides you with total support to each and every body contour point, resulting in a peaceful, cool and comfortable sleep. Exquisite detail and expert tailoring to create a natural sleep environment in the comfort of your.

Natural latex foam

The superior property of natural latex foam is its unique molecular structure, which permits extreme stretching – up to 200% without breaking or any alterations in its

original properties. Scientists have utilized these properties of high elasticity and superior resilience to the maximum advantage in making latex foam products. Natural latex foam becomes the finest material in cushioning products.

At ECOLIFE, we make sure we use only

the finest 100% NATURAL LATEX. Thereby enhancing the quality of our natural latex foam by endowing it with maximum comfort and also eco – friendly.

The benefits of the emulsion

Superior Quality, The Dunlop Process


100% Natural latex is extracted from the tropical rubber tree in a way that is similar to tapping a maple tree for syrup. 100% Natural latex, soaps and rubber curing agents are precisely mixed in a temperature-controlled tank. Quality checks are performed on Ph, viscosity and temperature.


The compound mix is injects into an aluminum pin core mold. The pins create our unique aerated cell structure.


Unlike other latex manufacturers, Ecolife washes every mattress core and pillow. The latex core is removed from the mold and placed into washing machine then rinsing with fresh water. Fresh water washes away residual soaps, curing agents and proteins. While washing process, the products are squeezed to less

than 40% of their total thickness to remove the maximum amount of residual materials from deep within the product. This vital step improves durability and comfort by removing residual soaps, curing agents, and proteins that could cause premature softening of the product.


The Mattress core is transported to a micro wave and radio wave dryer, which completes the curing process and removes any residual moisture. Ecolife is only one in Thailand who uses high technology drying process.

Quality Testing & Fabrication

Once dry, every mattress core undergoes a rigorous pressure/firmness/ consistency test to ensure all cores meet stringent quality standards with even density across the core. Cores are expertly cut and constructed to meet our customers’ product specifications.

Our fabrication facilities are able to create custom sizes and thickness.