Product introduction

Zoned latex foam

! The zoned latex foam supports your spine in a natural, comfortable position that’s never too hard and too soft. This luxury latex foam feature seven zone- head/neck, shoulder, upper back, lumbar, pelvic, knee, lower leg and foot/ankle – that are anatomically designed for correct sleeping posture and exquisite comfort. User will get the correct level of mattress support for natural body curves.

Advantages of 7-Zones natural latex foam

•No spring construction provides motionless comfort for undisturbed sleep.

•Special pin-core construction allows for ventilation of body heat

•Independent support even with two people of varying body weights.

•Correct alignment for people of varying heights Regarding of whether you are 6’ tall or 5’ tall, body

will line up properly in the 7-zones.

•Symmetric  design  so  that  you  can

rotate the mattress head to foot or top to bottom and always receive the benefit of all 7 zones foam.

•Pressure point relief to your hip and shoulder. The mattress is zones to be softer in shoulder /upper back and

pelvic zones than elsewhere. In each of this zone, Pressure relaxation channel give additional flexibility so the mattress can conform to your body. Gives relaxing pressure point relief and spinal alignment for both back and side sleeping.

•Proper lower back support. Firmness in lumbar zone prevents your spine from sagging.